resources page

The aim is to make this a very comprehensive and useful design resources gateway. To get the ball rolling here are a few beauties!

1. Core77 design magazine and resources.

2. Dupont design guide for designing with polymers.

3. Protomould injection moulding guidelines.

4. GE plastics design guide.

5. Our online library resources A-Z (University of Brighton login required)…note this also has British Standards ONLINE!

6. Engineer’s Handbook for quick and useful engineering information.

7. How to reference using the Harvard Method – Everything you need to know. You’ll never get it wrong again! A great site from the University of Bradford. Academic phrasebank, here’s one for the bank! very useful for structuring academic papers/essays, and understanding the role of phraseology (is that a word?) in getting your points across.

8. British standards for Limits and Fits – BS 4500:2009: Guide to limits and tolerances (UoB login required).

9. British standards for Technical Drawings – BS 8888:2011: Technical product documentation and specification (UoB login required).

10. Program to make tabbed boxes – Jerome Leary’s .dxf creator.

11. Program to make spur gears – Jerome’s at it again, this time it makes 2D files for gears.

12. Design history:  and

13. Sustainable design:  and

14. Design Communications tools: 

15. Design resources/links


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