about me

way-of-roses-startMy name is Dr Derek (Des) Covill and I use advanced computer aided engineering design and 3D printing technologies to experiment with new design, analysis and manufacturing technologies. In particular I generate parametric, algorithm and analysis driven forms and structures for various sport, medical, product and engineering design applications. I am a senior lecturer in the Brighton Product Lab, which sits within the division of Engineering and Product Design at the University of Brighton. I have partnerships with industry to ensure my teaching is informed by and engages with the real world. I work closely with technicians and students: I believe that academics, technicians and students are all colleagues working towards a common goal. I engage with local schools and colleges to promote my subject area. I also design and hand make custom bicycles: I want to be a master frame builder!

You can email me at: d.covill@brighton.ac.uk, or you can use:

twitter.comgoogle scholar,  linkedIn

This blog is intended to be a means for me to record what I do (mostly because I forget otherwise!), but it’s also hopefully useful as a resource, for engineers, for designers, for those interested in technology. It’s also a resource for me, so I can collate all the things I think are useful into one place!

Working philosophies:

  • Continually improve, learn, experiment, observe.
  • Don’t get anxious, get excited.
  • To try and enjoy everything I do!

Areas of expertise:

  • 3D printing and experimental manufacturing
  • Bicycle design and engineering
  • Product design and engineering design in sport and medicine
  • Industrial and student centred education

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