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Novel rod handling system for Dando: MSc project with Sam Cozens

sam-presenting-rod-handlerToday we had Sam Cozens (shown here presenting) delivering his final MSc project to the key players at Dando, including Martin the Managing Director, Erik the Operations Director, Pete the Design Team Manager, Tim the Senior Design Guru, and of course our boys Luke and Harry who graduated last year and now work with Dando full time. These are all the hotshots when it comes to designing drilling rigs, these guys know their stuff and Sam did a great job to present a complex design solution to them all, with a great discussion afterwards. Sam presented a novel concept for a rod handling system,  I can’t go into too much details for confidentiality reasons, but the new system is an innovative step forward compared with others that are out there on the market. Sam’s gone into great detail, including analysing the human factors (task analysis) of the rod handling and loading processes, the structural and dynamic loading requirements of the system, hydraullic and control requirements and all this done using design for manufacturing (DFM) methodologies.  It will be interesting now to see if this novel concept makes it to prototype phase!


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