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123D design, make and create programs/apps to make prototypes and CAD models

123D-design-hockey-stick-prototypes-evan-mackrillWe’ve recently been experimenting with the 123D design, make and create apps/programs from Autodesk (http://www.123dapp.com/) . These are seriously great for prototyping and for photogrammetry (capturing 3D geometry from a range of photographs of an object). Here’s an image of Evan Mackrill’s hockey sticks that have been prototyped using the Make app which allows CAD or scan data in this case (using the Faro arm) to be segmented into easily assemblable (they even number the jigsaw for you!) laser cut slices. This allows for really quick prototypes to be made to test functionality, scale, usability. The photogrammetry app (catch) is also a fantastic tool for reverse engineering existing geometry. We’re experimenting with this to make figurines of ourselves (a vanity project sure, but it’s fun!), and to make 3D virtual reality models from objects that have been captured using a thermal imaging camera to give a 3D thermal map of the object. All done within minutes (or at least a few hours – but not days!!). Any other interesting applications worth testing?hot_hands_bone



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