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Zprint and Zedit software basics for 3D printing with Zcorp machines

zprint-zedit cover image

This lab bite covers the basics of ZPrint and ZEdit 3DPrinting software used to make objects on the Zcorp 510 (and other) 3D printers. This is a useful piece of software for some basic checks and calculations, and any finishing touches that need to be made. Checking the layers to be printed, checking for access holes, checking for weak areas and where parts have been filleted from the outside but not inside (meaning a very thin wall!). Here’s a basic rundown of what’s covered:

1. import .stl or .wrl file
2. size and volume check
3. observe layers
4. move, rotate and align
5. collision detection
6. open in zedit to add texture map
7. copy, paste and save individual files


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