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Some great 3D printing videos

Here are a series of videos relating to 3D printing.

rp-lisa-harouni-2011This first video lecture by Lisa Harouni is about the technology itself. It’s a couple of years old now, but it’s still a very insightful overview of what 3D printing (the new name for rapid prototyping) can do, what materials it can make use of and what applications it’s well suited for. It’s not hugely critical (there are many things it can’t do, or isn’t really well suited to), but is very informative and gets the pulse racing for the technology!

tom-chi-basic-rpThis second video by Tom Chi on Google Glass is about putting things in perspective. Many technologies are available now (not just 3DP), it’s  a very exciting time for design, the floodgates have been barged through where we now feel that we can make anything (certainly on a small scale using 3D printing anyway). But just because we have this technology available, doesn’t mean we should use it all the time. In many cases, especially for early usability, aesthetic and functionality testing quick and dirty models (card, clay, paper, steel wire etc) are the quickest, the cheapest and the best.

mediated-matter-neri-oxman-mit-lecture-2012This final video is just awesome. I love what these guys do. Really interesting research, really very exciting applications for 3D printing and materials research. I just love the work these guys do, and was fortunate enough to see Neri Oxman at last year’s Additive Manufacturing conference in Nottingham. Superb, especially as she presented first up, right before Assa Ashuach who’s also doing great things with FEA based 3DP structures.


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