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Recent bike build projects


I’ve been doing quite a lot of bike related projects lately. I’ve managed to build my own frame: a 51cm classic, full fleur-de-lis lugged steel audax steed made from lovely columbus spirit tubing (made from Niobium which is not the ultimate extremo quality tubing, but still great performance none the less with a UTS somewhere between 1050-1250MPa ). This will be my baby, full Ultegra setup with handmade Ambrosio hubs and DT rims and a Brooks B72 leather saddle thanks to my brother-in-law Dave D. Very excited about finishing that one off, the time to file those lugs…eek! Just need to decide on a colour…ultramarine or cobalt blue? I’m aiming to have this finished in time for this year’s Bespoked Bristol show in April, I want to see what the master frame builders think!

Then there’s Silverado, the 52cm Peugeot racing bike I’ve rebuilt from the £40 (another ebay special) solid steel old school heavy gauge frame- up. Mostly with 2nd hand budget parts apart from the Chrina Rigida wheels which although on the heavy side, should do nicely for our tour round the Cherbourg peninsula this Easter. This will remain over in France in a nice little pig shed for summer holiday riding around the rocky country lanes of Normandy. A glass of wine here, a bit of bread and cheese there. I’m rather excited about the upcoming summers…

blueyAnd Bluey, the neat little old French Mercier frame (51cm), lovely and only £30 on ebay for the frame, again made up with fairly budget components to be a nice little tourer around town. It started out as a single speed, but the hills of Brighton soon persuaded me to convert it to a more sensible geared option. I’ve recently also fixed a few bikes for friends, the odd cable replacement here, a new cassette there, it is very satisfying work. Put on some Led Zeppelin at full bore, don some grubby garmets and true, tweak, spin, tighten away. The only problem is though: where does the washing go when the spare room’s full of bikes?


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