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Sports Engineering CPD lecture at South Downs College Lewes 5th Feb, 2013

des-intro-sports-engineeringaudienceYesterday I ventured up to Lewes to give a continuing professional development (CPD) lecture to a group of college and school teachers in physics, computing, maths, PE and also a well mannered cohort of students from these groups (more questions needed though!!). Thanks to Tim, Leraine and Emily for all your hospitality! This was another in my series of lectures on sports engineering and the olympics and it seemed to go down well! During the lecture I mentioned an excellent paper by Professor Steve Haake from Sheffield Hallam University, which outlines the use of a performance improvement index for various sports to analyse the impact of technology on the performances in sport over the past decades. The article is currently freely available at .

Naturally, after the lecture I meandered down to the Harveys brewery to pick up a bottle of the world’s best real ale. Superb!


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