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on a fascination with bicycles…

The history of bicycle technology is fascinating: the iron, the steel, the aluminium, and now of course the carbon. Then there’s the geometry, to curve the tubes or not? to go for laid back, overhang in racing mode, audax in between, or enjoy a touring pose? And of course there’s the big three countries who dominate the drive: Shimano from Japan,Campagnolo from Italy, and Sram from the USA. All different, yet all really really good. And then throw into the mix of electronic shifters, and aero spokes, and power meters, it’s a fascinating engineering and design area. And that’s all before you even touch on the off-road gear. Full suspension, with nitrogen cartridges that blow holes in the roofs of the technically unaware, front suspension with air, and damping, and lockout. Now electronics are creeping in. It’s bloody awesome, and it’s bloody accessible, well most of it. Then there’s the characters, Eddie Merck, and Chris Boardman, and what a dude Graeme Obree. There was a recent exhibition on at the Design Museum in London, I managed to squeeze in there right at the end before it closed, and what a treat it was: clothing and protective equipment, bicycles and wheelchairs, canoes and footwear and videos and infoboards full of fascinating facts about javellin and triple jump and prosthetic running limbs. Here are a few pics of the bikes on show, superb!


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