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Blaze – the Ultimate Bike Light

I’ve just been sent a link to a kickstarter product called Blaze which is a high quality bike light designed to aid visibility of cyclists on the road. As a cycling commuter, I find the habits and visibility of many cyclists cringeworthy; I find myself either shrieking with despair or yelling in anger almost daily. Blaze has been designed and developed by Emily Brooke, one of our recent graduates and I’d known about her product idea for some time; I just didn’t realise how far she’d come with it. As soon as I saw the video and saw how advanced it had become I was compelled to pledge and to get my hands on one of these lights. Bring on more bike safety!

For more information or to pledge go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/embrooke/blaze-bike-light 

The product also has had a load of press in the papers, just today we had:




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