New Designers student spotlight: Luke Dacey – Pause pedestrian safety system

New Designers opens on Wednesday with full public view beginning on Thursday. The University of Brighton product design stand will include designs based on a wide range of topics, from sport, toilets, energy management to cups of tea!

One student, Luke Dacey, talks to us about his project that will be shown at New Designers on stand P14.

“My final year project was born in response to a request from Road Safety Officer Keith Baldock from Brighton & Hove City Council to examine pedestrian safety and possible solutions to improve accident statistics and overall road user well being.

The final solution is a new road safety system named Pause. Pause is a real-time warning system that automatically activates an LED road sign whenever vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, children, horse riders etc. are present.

The system is designed to create a safer environment for vulnerable users that cannot fully comprehend road safety and safe practices. The device also aims at raising driver awareness and danger perception, acting as an early warning, alerting drivers to users in the local area. As an outcome, the system is intended to educate, raise awareness and create a safer road side environment.

The final system design consists of an RFID reader situated in high use pedestrian areas/high risk areas and active RFID transponder tags located on the users, that energise from the power drawn from the reader’s adjustable field range.

The system has the capability of warning road users through various methods; sat nav warnings, in-car audio/visual devices, an external warning sign or flashing lights.

The project has gained great interest including an award nomination and interest from a leading manufacturer of LED warning signs and has great potential for the future of UK road safety.

For a look at more of my projects, please take a look at my ever-expanding online portfolio at Behance


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