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Engineering design projects 2012

There were some great engineering design projects exhibited at the recent University of Brighton Engineering Exhibition day. I’ve included a few here that I was involved in as either supervisor, examiner or nosy onlooker. Oli Buhlinger shown here has developed a thermal testing system that is able to provide an early, inexpensive and immediate  diagnosis for diabetic peripheral neuropathy (leading to amputations and death). The device is patented by the University and the project is part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with GBE Electronics. What a great project, testing, modelling, functioning prototype, great work!

Other projects worth mentioning here were Luke Palmer’s design of a foldable, storable bicycle wheel truing stand, complete with dial gauges to measure trueness and both vertical and lateral adjustments, all available for less than half the cost of the gold standard Park Tool professional wheel truing stand.

Joel Williams spent his time measuring the loads and accelerations on a hard tail mountain bike. Looking at various setups of rebound and lockout in uphill, flat, jumps and downhill conditions, Joel was able to quantify the difference that various suspension setups have on the performance of the bike overall.

Gilles Toffe and Suleman Handuleh have been working on characterising the tensile and impact properties of flax fibre composites respectively. Their experimental work has helped to understand how practical it is to replace synthetic fibre composites (e.g. glass, carbon, Kevlar) with the natural equivalent.


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