Guest speaker: Henry Lavelle of Modo Design & Production

ImageImageModo are a Brighton based special packaging company, mostly involved in the music, film and game industry. They work to provide specialist, creative packaging solutions that fall within the strict budget and time constraints that are dictated by the media industry. Since 1998, Modo have built up a reputation as a reliable and innovative creative packaging company, able to provide solutions that, aside from Modo, are not readily available.

Speaking about the information that Modo gets from the clients, the restrictions that are set on the products, the design and manufacture process and the project management, Henry offered a fantastic insight into a side of real life commercial business that students often cannot experience in a solely academic environment. Henry discussed the relationship that Modo hold with both small and large record labels and how the briefs and projects that they get off the two kinds can differ.

Henry came to speak with second years about the placements program that Modo have been running with the university product design department for the last two years. Each year, Modo have taken a minimum of two full time students to work as part of the in house design team at their studio.

During their time with Modo, students have had the chance to get involved in all aspects of the company. One of Modo’s current placement students, Jack Dominy, came along to the talk to offer an insight into the experience that he has gained during his time with Modo. The placement often involves seeing projects through from the very first e-mail that come into Modo from the client, pitching the initial ideas, refining a design, getting quotes from suppliers, sampling the product and overseeing a full production run. During this process, the students gain invaluable experience communicating and working in a professional environment as well as building up a huge body of design concepts for a portfolio. As Modo are so heavily involved with production, there’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about the materials, processes and specialist print finishes.

As always, the students were keen to know about the environmental side of things, and Henry discussed how it is a request that is often made by clients, but not always followed through due to financial constraints. There was also conversation about downloads and the impact on the music industry, something which has actually boosted Modo’s business, as real music fans are seeking to get something special and extra from a physical product to further differentiate from a download.

If any students are thinking of applying, please do so via the placements office. If you have any questions, Jordan & Vicky (final years) both completed their placements there, so just ask!

Thanks to Henry and Jack for making the time to speak with us, and to all at Modo for their work with current and previous placement students.


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