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CAD and boat design by Ben Freeman


Following from their success with the XSR48, the fastest diesel boat in the world, featuring as a main attraction of boat shows worldwide, not too mention the BBC show Top Gear, The interceptor is the small British company XSMG’s first venture into Military and Naval Applications for their fantastic boat. Industry experts claim the Interceptor is a likely contender for the most technologically advanced in its class, worldwide.

I have been fortunate enough to spend a few days shadowing the designers & engineers that have made this boat a reality, a team of some of the most experienced and creative minds in the industry, who work closely with Class leading experts in Marine Design and fabrication.

What interested me enough to write this post? Well XSMG use a variety of CAD packages and solutions in their day to day work on the next boat, but it is Rhino Solidworks which play vital roles in this process.

I asked Pete, one of the expert design team at XSMG, why they picked Rhino & Solidworks over their competitors, and which of their features are most useful to them.

Primarily it’s ability to freely manipulate shapes, makes it an ideal package to do initial boat hull models. It’s useful to be a little more creative than solidworks for those sort of shapes. Also it’s interaction with other program’s is very useful, opening and converting many file types is essential with the other more specialist programmes and plug ins the company uses.

To sum up, Rhino is used for surfacing, and Solidworks for the mechanics and componentry.

Pete goes on to tell me, both programmes are quickly becoming tick boxes for your CV, and can be major selling points, when trying to sell yourself to future employers.

Ben Freeman

Product Design & Technology


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