Placements: what’s in it for the employer?

One of the major advantages of providing a placement programme for students is the chance to find potential future employees. Having a student in on a placement year to work in real life scenarios will provide a much better insight than any interview can!

Taking placement students is a low risk method of employment and can be a good way to overcome a headcount limit or recruitment cap. Students are often more qualified and creative than equivalent cost agency employees, and, unlike an agency, the university doesn’t charge any fees for advertising and processing applications. Providing a placement programme can be a low cost method of meeting staffing needs and many students have particular specialisms and may be the ideal candidate to work on specific tasks or assist with new ventures.

Being fresh out of university means that students are often full of new, fresh and creative ideas. An up to date academic background means that companies are often able to learn about new technologies and developments within the market.

University of Brighton product design students have the advantage of an unfixed placement time, meaning that students are available to work for varying lengths of time at different points throughout the year.

There are a few things that you will need to provide as part of a placement programme. The university requires companies to have employer and public liability insurance and you will also be asked to fill out a health and safety form. Providing and maintaining a safe working environment is essential and it is necessary to supply the student with an induction into the work place.

It’s important to consider what you can offer to the student to help them grow and develop within your working environment. Ensuring that you have the time and facilities to provide suitable training is important and training courses can provide great incentive for placement applicants if the company are not able to offer much in the way of financial payment. The university are available throughout the year to provide assistance and advice if required, and each student is allocated an academic supervisor.

If you’re interested in offering a placement programme to students, there are several ways to get involved:

– Get in touch with the placements co-ordinators at the University

– Attend the University of Brighton placements fair

– Come in give a short presentation about your company to students

– Consider sponsorship and support of events and exhibitions

– Interact with students through workshops and guest lectures


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