What’s on April: design

Put down your iPad and get your cultured cap on for April. It’s hotting up this Easter in the art and design world, some perfect viewing for a free bank holiday…or two.

British Design 1948-2012 – V&A

The best of British at the V&A this April and beyond. Focusing on the period from when London first hosted the Olympic games in 1948, the ‘Innovation in the Modern Age’ exhibition draws on design from all quarters. With architecture, graphics, even an E-type Jag on display, and with more than a nod to the political world, this exhibition is worth a wander for the over 300 iconic designs on show.

When – 31 March-12 August
Where – Victoria & Albert Museum, SW7 2RL
Admission– £8.14

More information

Designing the Paralympic Medal – The British Museum

Sticking with the Olympic theme – and bearing in mind it’s just 115 days away, 33 on top of that for the Paralympics – it’s about time we started getting in the mood. This one off 45 minute gallery talk from designer Lin Cheung looks at the design behind the Paralympic medal. Get your team GB flags out and start waving.

When – 12 April, 13.15
Where – The British Museum, WC1B 3DG
Admission– free!

More information


Damien Hirst – Tate Modern

Plenty of publicity on this one, including a whole Channel 4 special! He’s done artwork for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and ‘frozen’ a shark, Hirst may be controversial but when your exhibition sells for £111million I think you’re allowed to be. The Tate’s display of over 20 years of Hirst’s work is the first full collection ever done, with all his iconic sculptures on display. Whatever you think of Damien Hirst, this exhibition won’t make for easy viewing with graphic work touching upon the themes of death, judgment, heaven and hell. But that’s Hirst for you.

When – 4 April – 9 September
Where – The Tate Modern, SE1 9TG
Admission– free!

More information

The Art Collective in Brighton – Gallery 40

The Art Collective, a venture supporting young and emerging artists, comes to Brighton for a two-week exhibition. Work from artists Lance Hewison, Gina Hart plus photographer Celine Marchbank and many more will be on display for you to buy, including a special range of signed editions. Nice and local, no reason not to!

When – 5-22 April
Where – Gallery 40, Brighton, BN1 4AQ
Admission– free!

More information

Still on from March…

Designs of the Year 2012 @ The Design Museum – for more information, see the “What’s on March: design” post.

— Daniel Cano, 2nd year product design student.


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