Brighton Fringe: cardboard chair project

Brighton University are offering the chance for GSCE and A level students to come in for a design workshop that the product design students are running as part of the Brighton Fringe festival. The product design students are hoping to create a bit of a buzz around the second and final year shows to promote everything that we love about design at the University of Brighton. The aim is to raise awareness about what product design is, what it involves and and the future of it.

We have had to put our heads together on what to teach them about design and come up with a mini project. The students will be given a briefing on design philosophy and tasked to design a cardboard chair – a project that our students worked on for their first ever project on the product design BSc course. We plan to have two sessions, each with students from local schools.

ImageWe are offering the winners from each group a chance to exhibit their work in our final year show. There will be lots going on on the day of the workshop, as it is going to be run along side the second year exhibition so that everyone can get a real feel for what we do here at BrighImageton. There will also be guest speakers and external design and manufacture exhibitors.

There was a trial run of the competition on Tuesday with Bexhill High school students. The students, aged 12, were asked to build a cardboard chair that would hold the weight of a Brighton University final year product design student, Sam. Two teams successfully designed and built cardboard chairs to fit this criteria and their teacher decided that the designs were so good that they were both named as joint winners. A lovely, fun day was had by all!


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