Student project spotlight: second year pedestrian safety

ImageImageAccidents and deaths from pedestrians is a problem in most conurbations and in Brighton they account for around 25% of all road casualties.

The challenge was set by Brighton and Hove city council and the police earlier this year to reduce this number, and was taken up by second year product design students.

The variety of concepts produced demonstrated just how many ideas can be found to solve a problem (how would you do it?) The difficulty lies in analysing what the ‘best solution’ actually is in advance of production. In this case, the winning design came from a team who redesigned traffic lights to increase their capability to protect pedestrians, rather than just managing traffic. This design will be at Brighton University’s Centre for Design Technology exhibition in the fringe event on the 22nd to 24th May.

As a spin off from this project, final year student Luke Dacey is working on a fully developed project on the same theme of pedestrian safety. We hope that Luke might be as successful as last year’s final year student Emily Brook, who is building a business (Blaze) around the project she developed to tackle the councils problem of cyclist safety. Luke’s project will be on display at Brighton’s final year product design show at the university which runs from 1st to 4th June.

Richard Morris, principal lecturer.


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