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Product design revalidation pre-meeting with industry: a student’s perspective

Following on from the earlier post about the course revalidation, I thought it would be interesting to offer a student’s perspective on the event.

The meeting raised some interesting viewpoints on what students felt was best for the course, highlighting some great potential options for the way in which the course could be built upon to benefit future students. However, the outcome that was most apparent was that we all had very different opinions!

Some students felt that state of the art resources and machinery were the way forward, allowing the teaching to take a hands on experiential approach. Completely contradicting this, other students were of the opinion that introducing machinery encourages students to narrow their projects to designs that can be manufactured using this technology. Others felt that the course should go back to the blackboard, with intensive formal lecturing throughout, arguing that the point of academia and education is to learn theory, and that industry skills come later, through experience and placements.

Despite our complete inability to agree, there was (thankfully!) one consistent outcome: we all just want to learn and get the best out of our education. The meeting gave a fantastic insight into everyone’s preferred learning methods and there was much discussion as to how the University and the course can expand even more to ensure that the facilities are accessible for everyone to learn in their preferred way.


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