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Product design revalidation pre-meeting with industry

Not the most exciting of titles for a stimulating afternoon discussion I realise, but recently we had a meeting to pre-empt the revalidation of all our product design courses. This meeting was an opportunity for academic staff, students, graduates and invited guests from industry to get together to discuss the future of product design, how our courses should be moulded to accommodate this and to look at what skills industry really needs. What a dynamic and lively afternoon. With special thanks to the following invited guests who in particular gave us a very useful insight into their thoughts on these issues: Gary Mcdonald (TriVista) , Joe McGavin (Paxton Access),  Chris Bray (Monier),  Steve Barwick (Parafix), Tony Herbert (Havells Sylvania),  Matt Pattison (7bn), Ben Newland and Imogen Lawson. We are hoping to follow this up at our showcase event in May, so watch this space!


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